7 Website Features for Boosting E-Commerce Revenue


In this age of online shopping, where e-commerce websites are plentiful in number, it becomes a challenge for any business owner to make their website stand out from the competition in order to increase their sales and revenue.

While one extremely obvious way to make a difference is to make the website aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate for the customers, this may not be enough to have an edge on your competitors. On top of the visual appeal, the online store should possess additional features, which will help generate more sales by providing better customer satisfaction.

  1. Notifications on order status – Email & Mobile
  2. Social Media Register/Login
  3. Discount Coupons & Sales
  4. Cash on Delivery
  5. Mobile OTP Verification
  6. Brand Loyalty Reward Points
  7. Abandoned Cart Recovery


Notifications on order status – Email & Mobile

While most e-commerce websites do provide email notifications on order status, it helps the user if an SMS notification system is also implemented. It will help the customers to be aware of the status without having to check their emails and it does not have the dependency on internet availability either, which helps in engaging with the customers from semi-urban and rural areas.

Social Media Register/Login

Another way to provide a seamless shopping experience is to decrease the amount of information one needs to fill while buying anything from your store. While registration to the website and logging in to the website before buying helps the seller authenticate the purchases and provide a personalized experience too, some users might be disgruntled by the amount of information they need to fill in or even remembering multiple passwords. If you provide the customers with the option of logging in via their present social media user ids ( eg: Google, Facebook etc.), you are able to authenticate their identities, while giving them the benefit of not remembering new passwords every time they have to log in.


Discount Coupons & Sales

While Sales and discount coupons are used by almost all e-commerce websites, you need to think about how to place the information in order to attract the attention of your customers. It can be anything like popups, banners, announcements etc. Using a dynamic notice in the cart or checkout section also ensures that the customers are fully aware of the sales/discounts/offers before buying.

Cash on Delivery

While there is no problem with a prepaid order, many first-time customers or even many cautious customers might not want to pay before receiving the product. Hence a Cash On Delivery option will help you gain the trust of these customers and generate additional revenue.

Mobile OTP Verification

While making things easy for the customers for generating revenue is a mandatory step for your online store, you must also protect your revenue from fraud orders. Since emails IDs are extremely easy to create without requiring almost any identity proof, many people might misuse this to harass you and your business by making fake orders. This will cause additional time and money overhead in your business. In order to prevent this, it is advised to check the authenticity of the customers by using Mobile OTP verification method. This will help ensure that the customer indeed uses a specific mobile number and will decrease the chances of fake orders.

Brand Loyalty Reward Points

Most people shop from different online stores unless they have a specific reason to buy from a particular store for all their specific needs pertaining to that store. You can provide your customers with an added incentive to shop from your store as much as possible by providing them Brand Loyalty Reward Points based on the amount they are spending on your store. This reward point can be redeemed by the customer in the form of a discount on his/her next purchase. This benefits the customers by helping them save additional money on their next purchases and it also benefits you by ensuring that the customers will think of buying from your store when the time comes.


Abandoned Cart Recovery

Sometimes your customer may browse some product and add it to his/her cart and then goes away from the website without buying. A reminder mechanism should be implemented in order to recover these abandoned carts. You can set auto-generated reminders to the customers in such cases, reminding them about what they have left in their cart. In addition to the reminders, you may also provide additional incentives like an additional discount coupon on the product left in the cart.


These are all the industry best-practices implemented by most well-known online stores. If you incorporate these in the correct manner to your existing website or even for your new website, these will surely help you generate additional revenue.

If you need additional advice or help on how to incorporate these features and for other custom features, please feel free to connect with us.