Why one should hire a professional content writer


In today’s age of digital growth, businesses are starting to understand and realize the massive opportunities and vast potential as a result of having a streamlined and focused digital marketing strategy. Businesses are using websites to broaden their customer reach, to publicize their product offerings and to increase their market shares in various competitive sectors. While website features such as design, layout, loading times etc. are important in increasing visibility and attracting customers, professionally developed in-depth content forms the backbone of a website and is often the difference between a flourishing business and an under-performing one.

So why is professionally developed content so important? There are multiple reasons which are listed as follows: –

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Better Website Rank
  • Objective Business Assessment
  • Clear Conveyance of Ideas
  • Differentiation in Competitive Space
  • Time and Cost Savings
  • Strategy Re-alignment and Evolving Content

Search Engine Optimization

Business websites can obtain an edge in search engine traffic by ensuring professional and up-to-date content is available on their respective website links. Professional content writers bring with them expertise in producing optimized content so as to give the website page a better chance of receiving appropriate traffic. While the business owner may have all the salient points at his fingertips, a professional content writer possesses the “secret sauce” to ensure that the content is attractive and that it differentiates itself from similar content during search engine queries.

Better Website Rank

For a website which is dependent on customer views, a high website rank on search engines like Google and Bing is essential for increased visibility. Google has strict criteria pertaining to what can be classified as “quality” website content and accordingly, the produced material needs to be of a high standard. In these situations,  professional content writers with their skillset in developing curated website content, can make a difference in ensuring that the content meets search engine quality controls and this will translate into a more insightful and trustworthy service offering. Consequently, this would lead to increased website traffic as users begin to appreciate the high quality content developed.

Objective Business Assessment

Business owners are understandably partial towards their ventures and may not always have a dispassionate view of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of their businesses. A professional content writer can be relied upon to provide a more subjective opinion on whether the business is a potential winner or whether there are drawbacks which would hinder its growth. A content writer will be better able to analyze the areas which can be highlighted on the website page as well as those areas which may need to be played down for customer benefit, thus tailoring overall website attractiveness.

Clear Conveyance of Ideas

A customer has limited attention span when visiting a website and hence, it is essential to convey the service offering in a clearly and in minimum time. Since any business looks to target a certain demographic, an unambiguous and well-packaged website goes a long way in convincing customers to spend more time on that site and widens its reputation accordingly. A professional writer will have the necessary skillsets to manipulate website content so that major business ideas are clearly communicated and hence, this is another reason for investing in a writer’s services in the long run.

Differentiation in Competitive Space

With the number of businesses looking to take advantage of digital marketing services growing exponentially, how does a venture stand out from its competitors in this ultra-competitive market? Professionally curated website content offers a distinct edge to a business, especially for customers who are looking to make medium to long term investments. The concept of “top-of-the-mind-recall” is applicable when potential customers are browsing through a webpage and an experienced content writer will be able to add value by tailoring the content correspondingly.

Time and Cost Savings

Multiple surveys have shown that the time and cost involved in reworking website content has the potential to adversely affect the growth of the business in the long run. The venture owner would have a lot on his plate with regard to daily business operations and may not have the time and capacity to focus on necessary changes to website content. Investing in a professional content writer helps to ensure that the owner does not have to worry about time and cost losses due to poorly developed content and he can focus on other priorities.

Strategy Re-alignment and Evolving Content 

A website may have professionally developed content in place, but how does it ensure that it continuously adapts to customer needs and to the wider macro and micro economic environments? The business ecosystem is not static and what may seem suitable today may be outdated or inappropriate tomorrow. Website content needs to reflect these changing business dynamics and realign strategy where necessary so as to maintain its competitive edge. Professional content writers would look to enhance the dynamic relationship between a business and its customers by incorporating content linked to an evolving business strategy.

The Final Word

Professional content writing is a specialized skillset and it can add value to businesses in many ways, some easily observed and others less tangible. In any case, investing in a professional content writer is similar to investing in shares for a long term – the benefits will accrue gradually with short to medium term business gains (can be compared to stock corporate actions). If you have not yet invested in a professional writer, it is never too late to get started and unlock your venture’s full potential through professionally developed, well-researched content!